Tétouan City

Located between the folds of Dersa Mount, it considered universal heritage of humanity by Unesco, given the great historical and artistic value of its medina.
Tetouan is the city with the biggest Andalusian identity of Morocco. Today, it still preserves the elements of this culture in its architecture, in its gastronomy and customs. Tetouan also has a neighborhood with a clean architecture of the mid-twentieth century considered one of the finest of its kind, the Ensanche.
The Medina of Tetouan has seven gates and an infinity of itineraries, the wealth of the Andalusian heritage of its architecture makes it one of the most prominent medinas of Morocco. Mosques, Souks, zawiyas and bazaars intermingle to make the visit of this medina, an unforgettable experience.
Tetouan is also caracterized by its cultural buildings such as the School of Fine Arts, the Ethnological Museum of Skala or the Royal Palace and the various festivals held there each year. This is the case of the festival « Voix de Femmes » (female voices), the National Festival of Andalusian Music, the International Lute Festival or the Mediterranean Film Festival.
Tetouan, the white dove is a city dominated by the white color of its houses without distinction between those installed in the Medina or Ensanche.



Bab El Okla



Dar Debagh

Royal Palace



Modern Art Musum

Plaza Primo

Table Du Marché (Mdiq)

Tamernout Beach

Tamouda Historical Site